Geeks Unlimted Inc

Welcome to my homelab adventure

About Me

I love working/building/ fixing computers. That has been my hobby and passion for a very long time. I also love the outdoors. Riding anything off road and just having fun. Yes iam a geek take it or leave it! I can honestly say my hobby has turned into my career. I have now been in IT for many years now and working my way up to eventually Server Admin type roles. Hence Why the Home VM lab started. I am always playing with and learning new technologies. I try to stay current. Anything I can do to give myself a leg up in this tough job market and industry.

I felt it was time for me to contrtibute back to the community what i have learned and done over the years. My hope is people wanting to get into I.T and home lab setups can learn from me and have a better place to get started with. Feel free to to get a hold of me with any questions you might have. Hopefully everyone is able to gain something from me and posssible avoid a few mistakes as well .

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