Automated shotgun style Hiring Trends Rant

Most recruiting is done shotgun style anymore. Nothing is looked at, nor is any candidate vetted before even called. I have literally had emails sent asking about being a car mechanic. You respond back with any response and auto get a response back please send resume, Then a actual person looks at y our resume and says you aren’t qualified. Its all automated anymore. Its a poor business model being used a lot now.

I am starting to notice a very unhealthy trend in the automation of job seekers/employers. I completely understand that there is a need for automation due to the level of applications for a job posting. I get so many automated emails because i come up in keywords for my resume on job postings sites for positions I have zero experience in. I either A ignore it which is unprofessional or B respond and get automated response please send me your resume to be told I am not qualified. That is how pre screening gets done now it seems and is a waste of time and energy for both parties

I have also started to notice a lot of talk going on about this order at linked in. It seems like this is something a lot of proffesionals looking for work,  or changing jobs are seeing as well. As an example you can take a look at one of the posts that is getting alto of tracking on linked in. Please see



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