Top computer PFSENSE

newest build

pentium g 3460 16gig ddr3 ECC 500gb sata hard drive

Rackmountable manged pdu 8 port

24port business class switch

just added lenovo laptop (failover AD/DHCP/DNS Bottom


Left Dell T5500

dual xeon x5687 72gig ram Ddr3 ECC 3 512gb ssds in zfs zfs1

Use: ESXI 6.0 U2 hypervisor

use: AD/DHCP/DNS Plex Download Vm Playon Vm TS Jump Box another 10 vms i spin up and down as needed


Middle Computer

Case: HAF 932 Advanced with two icy dock modules

i 7 4790 32gig ddr3 120gb ssd windows 10

Use: Secondary Plex server/flexraid backup storage array /HTPC


Right Freenas storage server

Fractal Design R5

I7 4770k

1 6gb DDR3

16gb usb

4tb x 6 ZFS2 (MEDIA)

4tb x 6 ZFS2 (storage,photos,backup, and misc)