Its official I have reached R/datahoarder level

Well I have had nas/file servers for many years now and I have finally found the perfect combination of redunancy and storage capacity. At this point most would say this is probally overkill , but hey go big or go home right.


Main storage server is my freenas box with is

Freenas 9.10.U2

Core I7 4770k

16GB ddr3

16gig usb stick for OS

4tb x 6 zfs2 all western digital Reds  (media )

4tb x 6 zfs2  all Western Digital Reds (games,photos,backups,misc)

zfs2= I can have  up to two hard drives fail and resilver without losing any data. If i loose third one then I loose entire pool




My secondary Server is a dual purpose system.. It is built  around windows 10 . I currently use as my HTPC, backup raid, and secondary plex server. I am using whats called Flexraid which is software over windows. This is nice software cause you can have as many hard drives as you want in the pool. There is a few rules  such as  biggest drive has to be the parity drive and there is a cost in licensing. Please see for more information regarding this product.

This system specs

I7 4790

32gig ddr3

250gig ssd for os and plex caching of meta data

I have a mix of 4tb and 5tb drives in this pool. Please see photos for setup


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