Let me start with explaining why I decided to recase my gaming computer. First off my gaming computer was in a giant case which was extremely heavy and it was time to finally downsize. The only reason I haven’t done that sooner was my backup raid was sitting in the case and needed room for  lots of hard drives. I transplanted my backup raid array into another case so it was time to find the perfect case for me.

I had a few requirements for my gaming case

Light weight

good cable management

still had room for dual gpu’s later

good air flow

small foot print

Can fit on desk

I came to realize very quickly this didn’t really leave a lot of options to choose from and I didn’t want to spend a fortune either. Another gotcha that I ran into was in the mid tower range many cases didn’t have optical drives as a option. For me personally this isn’t an issue since all of my media is digital . Please keep that in mind when you search for right case for you. After spending many nights I finally came down to the decision of the Cosair 400c.


I have to say I am really happy with my purchase. There are a few things I did notice when putting my build back into case. First thing I noticed is case is a touch on the flimsy side since you are going smaller case. Also there is less cable management room for large cables on back side of case so you end up pushing it closed a little. The only cable you end up having issue with is the large 24 pin power cable. Other than that cable management was a breeze I love the overall quality of this case. Very easy to work in with plenty of room. Another nice touch was the power supply case cover so all your cables are now hidden. Over all my build turned out great. Very small foot print, easy to work on, great cable management, quiet, and definitely something i would recommend to anyone looking to buy a new case