Amazon Echo Dot First Thoughts



First off lets s tart with the cons /vs pros before we get into things


Alexa for Plex doesnt work for playing of movies( seems to be more related to not fully supported yet)

Can do home automation, but those kits cost around 70-200$ roughly depending what you go with

Voice requests can at times be tricky to get apps to work  ( I do need to learn commands more)

Just like with any app store need to do research for what works


Fairly cheap price

Can do home automation with proper kits purchased

Lots of skills to choose from

Can do voice ordering using your amazon account( make sure to setup 4 digit pin so you cant accidentally order things)

First thoughts from what i have done so far. I  have always been interested in getting one of these devices. The main reason why I pulled the trigger was Alexa now has capability to use with my Plex home internal servers.  With that being said that functionality is somewhat limited at this time. I was able to get it to see my Plex servers, but not able to find compatible players that work with device at this time. From the research i have done is this functionality inst quite ready for production use at this time regarding Plex. Another issue I ran into was my echo would keep dropping its network connection and would need to be reset again. This seems to be a known issue and is most likely also an issue since i have a complicated network setup. Once i changed my echo from dhcp to static assigned address i have had no issues since.  At this time i have managed to reorder coffee using Alexa commands. Once I spoke Alexa order coffee it promptly came back saying based on your order history would you like to order X or X and once confirmed it asks for my 4 digit pin and order was placed.  After looking for a good calendar app I went with quick events and tied that with my google calendar using the Alexa app on my phone. Next I went back to skill store and added weather bug which works great for my area. I am still in process of adding more skills and accounts for things in my area.

All in all I would say this is worth the 50$ I spent on my amazon echo dot. The skills library is growing constantly and a lot of development is being done on that area. I will be watching very closely for the Plex functionality to be added.  I am looking forward to be adding home functionality to my echo very soon. I am going to go with the Phillips Hue kit which is roughly around 70$ and comes with bridge and two light bulbs which will allow me to turn off and on lights in my home.  I will update this more as I spent more time with my unit.

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